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We are architects and building environmental consultants with an office in the Shreveport/Bossier area of North Louisiana. We provide a variety of professional services for our clients such as building design and renovation construction management, contract administration, expert witness services, asbestos, mold and lead paint consulting, and other specific services requested by our clients.

We are committed to creating environmentally responsible architecture by designing environments that conserve energy and resources, improve environmental quality, create healthy buildings, and contribute to the development of a sustainable community.

New Construction & Renovations

As environmental expertise to comply with state and federal regulations, protect building occupants in renovations and select environmentally responsible building materials and techniques for new construction.

Whether it is design of a new facility or the redesign and renovation of an existing property, Newman Marchive Incorporated can develop cost estimates from concept through final construction. Complete on-site environmental inspections include review of building codes, fire codes, Americans with Disabilities Act codes, construction and maintenance reviews, and building systems reviews to include HVAC, structural and electrical systems.

Renovation projects require that extra effort to solve multiple problems. Innovative solutions by our design team may include mechanical and electrical planning, acoustics and interiors.

Property Condition / Code Reviews

Facility evaluations include pre-purchase inspections for compliance with existing and updated building codes, fire codes, building systems and fire marshal reviews. We also provide field reviews of existing facilities for potential deficiencies in regard to the 1990 American With Disabilities Act. Compliance recommendation, cost estimates, alternative methods, and plans of action are included in our reports.

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