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Additional Services

Over the  past fifty (50) years, we have provided various services to our clients that complement our architectural and environmental work.  Our knowledge in various areas of architecture, construction, and environmental issues allows us to provide unique services to our clients in-house, without the need for outside consultants.


We can design a roofing replacement project for your facility. 


Our staff has experience with the Americans with Disability Act and the requirements for owner's facilities.  We do ADA evaluations and provide inspections,corrective action plans, and final reports.

Code Analysis

Our staff maintains memberships in the International Code Council and National Fire Prevention Association.  Our design team keeps up with the most current standards and code requirements.

Sound Surveys

We provide sound attenuation calculations for compliance with government requirements in housing projeccts.

Project Development

We can assist building Owners with establishing the building program needs before the design starts.

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